Thoughts of a Mad Man

"I have stood here before inside the pouring rain,
With the world turning circles running round my brain,
I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign,
But its my destiny to be the king of pain"

Location: Cairo, Egypt

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nothing is forever

Nothing is forever, nothing lasts forever. I'm again reminded of that ugly truth. Even true genuine friendship, what I've always considered to be the most holy religion on earth can't last forever.

I no longer see a point in anything or any value, we're bounded by our rules (religious or culture), by our visions and dreams, by our thoughts, by our morals. A wheel within a wheel, there is no place to run for or anyone who can help. Shall I just go and sit in a monstary or a cave?

If nothing lasts forever and nothing is constant, then what's the point in any anything? If the flesh rots, the spirit dies, and the heart changes, then why do we care or bother with life, if we're sure that in X number of years from now will  probably change our friends, our values, and our life; then what's the point in having any of those? why would you take or get something that you're sure you gonna mourn at its loss!

'How is it that immortals die, Tomas?'
Tomas did not look at his friend as he spoke. 'Nothing is forever, Pug'
Then he looked at Pug, who saw a strange light in his friend's eyes, as if Tomas were poised for battle. 'Nothing. Immortality, power, dominance, all are illusions. Don't you see? We are simply pawns in a game beyond our understanding'



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