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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


What does it mean to have children? Do you own your children or do they own you? One keeps working most of the time to support his family turning down many life paths cause he don't wanna waste his money or to secure the family. He keeps banking the money and keep working and banking and banking.

When your child is young and he asks for something be it a toy or clothes or a bicycle you immediately go and buy it for him. You sort your life in favor of the child and feel great about your fatherhood.

Then when you son/daughter grow up to teenage and they wanna do something you don't accept u just shout/yell and refuse it and probably you'll say "your living under my roof and as long as you do, it gonna be my way and not yours" when your son makes a big mistake (from your point of view) you beat him shamelessly thinking that its your right to do so since he's your son!

What does the words "my son" mean? does it mean you own him and thus your free to do as you wish does that give you the right to choose his life? just coz we pay the expense of his food/clothes/education does this gives us the right to run/control their lives?

And if parents think so, why? cause they failed in their own lives (deep inside them) and they want to re-create their lives in their children?

How would you raise your children? i see this a silly question, why do you think yourself as god over your children? why don't you give them the right to choose what they want, what they wanna do with their own lives?

Yet its true a baby cant take care of himself and needs his parents in his early stages of his/her life and i think thats the only time you have controle you only got 16-18 years to play your game. And if you play wrongly, its is your child will suffer the rest of his/her life.



Blogger anime said...

Children are the burden of life if you have a zest for it.. and the treasure of life if you have a grudge towards it!.. people who do everything gladly for their children are actually doing it to compensate for all the shortcomings they themselves long suffered from. children grow up admiring their parents and putting them in God-like classes.. but once they are grown ups, they start to understand every wrong thing done to them by their parents.. they grew bitter at the idea that the once God-like people they so much admired are nothing but ordinary, flaw-filled people. That's when they decide to get children. They think that by amending the mistakes done to them in their childhoods, they are actually saving the image of fatherhood or motherhood that has been shaken so badly.. they try to save it for their own sakes.. it's selfish, and yet unselfish. it depends on the way you view it. Other have children to bear their names and continue the family line as if it was the family of Alexander the Great. They turn their children into a stock in which they try to invest everything they own. They don't treat their children as humans, but things that were created for their own uses. Those usually end up losing their children forever, either dramatically, or by being abandoned. People can't stand those who treat them as properties, even if they were their own parents. When they are finally fed up with all that crap, they leave the so-called *nest* and fly freely to new horizons.
The question of who owns who is rhetorical, as there's no satisfying answer to it. It all depends on the angle you're viewing it from.

12:16 AM  
Blogger Refaat said...

While what you say is true, however is a major downside to it.

The parents wastes their lives for the children, they arrange their life according to the children. And when the parents grow old near 60 of age they discover that they've missed LIFE and all whats left are the children which are no longer children but adults that have thier own agenda and life.

The parents wastes their life for the child and when they grow old they expect the child to arrange his life according to their whim.

So they wasted thier life for the child and when he grows up they want him to give up his life for them. Tell me why cant each one life his own life?

If you want examples I'll give you a dozen: Mothers that dont want thier lone child to get married and move to his own house - Fathers that insists that children take the same career as the fater - Parents that refuse migration of thier sons totaly - etc

That is the case in Egypt and most of the arab countries, In the west they understand the child can live his own life when they reach 16-18.

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